Madonna di Campiglio, Località Val Nambino 38086 TN
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Winding paths, placid alpine lakes, lush vegetation, fresh and regenerating air, the sounds of nature and nothing else. Difficult not to fall in love with what the countless possible walks in the area will lead you to discover. the possibilities are really endless, we offer some as an example, of different difficulty.


Difficulty: hard
Duration: 5/6 hours
Long loop ride that leads to five different alpine lakes, each with a different peculiarity. It has a vertical drop of about 600 meters to reach the highest lake, from there halfway up the other lakes reach, basically engaging a whole day. Surely one of the most popular tours of Madonna di Campiglio that requires a minimum of training and knowledge to avoid inconveniences .


Difficulty: medium-hard
Duration: 3 hours ca
In an hour and a half through a scenic route you get to Busa dei Cavai, which is located just above the Rifugio Lago Nambino. Once reached, if you do not want to make the Tour of the 5 Lakes, you can take a variant and get off the other side, returning to the shelter on a different path so as to admire other landscapes.


Difficulty: medium-easy
Duration: 2 hours ca
Starting from the Rifugio Lago Nambino with about an hour of walking you reach the Rifugio Viviani, not too demanding path with a vertical drop of about 300 meters. Reached the Viviani refuge walking another hour or so you can reach the beautiful lake of the Malghette, where there is also a shelter for a possible lunch break or snack.


Difficulty: easy
Duration: 40 minutes ca
Flat route from Nambino to the Patascoss Refuge. During the summer season, a small train leaves from the Patascoss Refuge, leading to Malga Ritorno, one of the most scenic places in the area.