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The Legend of the Dragon
The legend tells the story of a dragon that lived in the waters of the Lake Nambino, near to Madonna di Campiglio. It used to sleep on the bed of the lake for months at a time, eating fish and seaweed. Every now and then, it emerged from the water and when it was sure that no one was around, it began to graze the grass on the surrounding fields.

One day, something unexpected occurred! In one foul swoop, it devoured a few sheep, a calf and even the shepherd! The news spread quickly around the valley, as well as the panic that followed.

Nobody was brave enough to face the dragon, except for two hunters who came from a place called Val di Sole, who after being promised a huge reward accepted the challenge. The two hunters reached the banks of the lake and there they found the huge green water snake. It was curled up on a slab of stone with its snout hidden between its front legs.

One of the hunters carefully took aim with his rifle and shot the dragon dead. Between its strong hind legs, there was a large dragon’s egg!

It was then that everyone realized that the dragon had probably attacked the shepherd and the animals only to protect its egg.

After a few weeks, a great party was held in the church of Madonna di Campiglio. The hunters received their reward and the egg was hung up on the wall of the church, together with the dragon’s skin, as a sign of thanks that the people had been liberated from the threat of the dragon.