The tasting dinners in our restaurant allow you to appreciate a selection of “authentic flavours”: dishes prepared according to our tradition with selected local ingredients, cooked with the knowledge and care of those who love their work. The price of dinners, excluding drinks, is 40/45 Euros (35/40 Euros for the guests of the Refugee). Call us to know what the menu provides! We are waiting for you!

Some examples of menus from our tasting dinners

“Fish” Dinner

  • Appetizer of Lake Nambino with fish based lake processed entirely by us
  • Ortle soup with vegetables Km 0
  • Baked trout with potatoes
  • Choice of desserts

“Mushrooms” Dinner

  • Carpaccio of salada meat with local mushrooms
  • Rovioloni stuffed with porcini mushrooms with cream and truffle sauce
  • Polenta with Storo yellow flour and a mixture of alpine mushrooms
  • Choice of desserts

“Earth” Dinner

  • Smoked piglet fillet with fine herbs
  • Canederli nostrani served with tomato and melted peanut butter
  • Storo Yellow Polenta with beef goulasch
  • Choice of desserts

“Game” Dinner

  • Bresaola deer accompanied by typical cheeses
  • Homemade egg pasta with deer meat sauce
  • Deer ribs with side dish
  • Choice of desserts