Pampering yourself with our delicacies has always been our priority and we always do so with great love for a cuisine made of carefully selected ingredients and prepared “artfully”…. For special occasions, of course, we try to do even better and give you 110% of our love for “eating well”. Come to “taste us”, we promise you that…. you will often want to return to visit us again and again!

Christmas lunch

  • Trout fillet resting on red turnip tartar
  • Walnut bezels filled with pumpkin and courgettes
  • Capon broth straps
  • Spinach turkey shank with rosemary potatoes
  • Spoon of rosemary-flavoured polenta with beef goulasch
  • Bavarian small fruits dessert.

Euro 45 (drinks excluded).

New Year’s Eve

  • Artichoke mousse with Alpine trout tartare
  • Salted cream puffs of porcini mushrooms and vegetables in curry sauce
  • Hand-made red turnip hearts with radicchio from Val Rendena
  • Pumpkin velvety and fried leeks
  • Deer fillet in stuffed with herbs flavoured with rustic potatoes and spinach medallion
  • Fortune dish
  • Nougat semifreddo with chocolate sauce

Euro 150 (drinks for dinner not included).

The evening will be gladdened with fireworks and an aperitif on our spectacular frozen counter.