At Rifugio Nambino, without the car

There are several ways to get to Rifugio Nambino and, of course, none provides the car… otherwise one of the key elements of your experience would be missing: the conquest!

The route

The Rifugio Nambino can be reached on foot with a walk of about 20 minutes, leaving your car in the car park near the Zangola; for those coming from Pinzolo after the exit of the gallery in Madonna di Campiglio, take the first fork on the left.
For those coming from Charlemagne Pass, after the departure of the cable car Grostè, after about one km, take the first junction on the right.

From Patascoss

Reach by car the town just above Madonna di Campiglio. Then follow a direct path to Rifugio Nambino for about 30 minutes.

From Campo Carlo Magno

From the village follow the flat path that leads to Rifugio Nambino in about an hour.

Baggage on the cableway

Your luggage will be transported free of charge with a cable car and delivered directly to your room.

You will thus be able to fully enjoy one of the wonderful walks leading to the Refuge.

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