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Horse trekking

We offer you as much dedicated packages as the chance to experience the single day trip.

Normally every Monday and Tuesday the horses will be at Patascoss and it will be possible to make short walks (1 hour), and simple (for semi-beginners): it is advised but not necessary to book.

For any further information or to book excursions and packages, you can send an email to or call + 39 338 1095570.

Some basic information:

  • the group that books the excursion must be composed of a minimum of 3 up to a maximum of 6 participants ;
  • you need a minimum experience already acquired, the basic knowledge of riding: the walks are fairly simple but not within reach of the complete beginner ; 
  • the personal equipment (clothing worn, etc) must be suitable and you must provide personally ;
  • Western riding” horses;
  • the horses are already equipped for everything they need;
  • if you are in a group and not everyone wants to dedicate themselves to the excursion on horseback, there is the possibility to carry out the same routes , accompanied by guides, both on foot and  in e-bike for then have lunch all together in the same structure.


We can organize excursions of one or more days, according to your preferences and needs. Basically the package can be agreed for:

    • one day excursion
    • 2 day excursion
    • 3 days excursion
    • 3 day excursion with one day break / rest (1 day excursion + 1 day rest + 1 day excursion).

The cost is 150 Euro per day per person, including lunch in the refuge when possible (depends on the path that is chosen / agreed).


We have also thought of packages for your riding adventures, including overnight accommodation at the Nambino Refuge. Contact us to find out the advantages!

All horse trekking activities are organized in collaboration with professionals with proven experience of HORSE TREKKING DOLOMITI ALTO GARDA.